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The BTL355 holds many varied sizes including, but not limited to, espresso mugs, high-ball glasses, beer bottles, soda cans and flower vases.


Although they appear the same in a photo, the WNE425 is a larger version of the BTL355. It secures most 750 ml bottles of wine as well as larger flower vases. Perfect for a bar station or credenza.


The STM355, with spring-loaded clips, self-adjusts and expands to grip the base of the stemware including thicker stemware and dovetail base stemware.  Top clips are patented to be mounted onto any surface.


The spring loaded "fingers" contract and expand to accommodate the various can diameters sold by beverage manufacturers. The passenger is no longer at the mercy of the cup holder diameter.

The 4-corner gaps of the BTL355 allow for square bottles to fit into circular cup holders. This has been an issue for passengers since the advent of popular water bottles and other beverages which are packaged in square or odd shapes.

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